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   Welcome to Action Business Works. We appreciate your visit to our web site.

   Our group of highly skilled Marketing, Graphics, Call Center and Internet Technology professionals has the ability and experience necessary to create, launch and successfully market web sites, and to train the Sales and Management teams who use them. We have specialists in each area of our work; Internet Services, Media Production and Business Training.

   Whether you are advertising a service, launching a new company or working to improve your business, we will create web sites, advertising and training programs designed to meet your unique needs. Our designers will build a custom made web site for you or help you to use a third party platform such as Yahoo, GoDaddy, Volusion or Monster Commerce. This flexibility lets us work within any budget to deliver maximum results.

   Our production facility uses state of the art hardware and software, including products from Apple inc., Adobe, Lexicon, Mark of the Unicorn, Mackie, Korg and Roland, to create professional audio, video and still graphics.

   We welcome the opportunity to put these tools, skills and experiences to work for you.

   Thank you again for your visit to Action Business Works.

Jeff Cravetz, President

Contact Information:

Telephone: 267-253-8571
email: jeff@actionbusinessworks.com
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